Komyoji 光明寺

Jodo sect Daihonzan Komyoji

浄土宗大本山 光明寺 

  We recommend Komyoji temple.  Walking toward Zaimokuza area, you will find it.  It's entrance gate is the biggest 山門 (temple's gate) in Kamakura.


  We can step into the main building freely. ( We need to take off our shoes.)  We can enjoy walking along the corridor while watching their beautiful garden with lotus in a pond and a stone garden.

  That temple is located at the bottom of a mountain.  Walking along the back lane you will find a viewing platform.  Ocean view with seaside Kamakura in the foreground is nice.



  Komyoji is, meanwhile, close to the beach and you can get to Wakae Island soon, which is the oldest man-made port island in Japan.  That has lost a look as the port now, but many trading ships came from ancient China in the Kamakura period.




  Walk route from the Great Buddha, Hasedera temple and Kosokuji to Komyoji seems popular among Kamakura visitors, especially in the cherry blossom season.  Our stand is convenient for them to dorp by in the middle of their Kamakura walk.

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